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A great employee experience is not a fluke, nor does it happen by itself. You must design it! Employee experience design is the art of designing a workplace experience that results in happy employees. Employee experience design draws on proven techniques from the worlds of marketing, product & user design, and psychology. It is a creative method for achieving new, innovative solutions for (complex) problems. Here, the fundamental principle always applies: people are central. End users and stakeholders are actively involved in designing or improving products and services.

Design thinking for HR is used to actively transform the employee journey – from recruitment to offboarding. You put yourself in the (potential) employee’s shoes and reshape the employee journey, using positive emotions and surprises, and doing more than the employee expects, in keeping with organisation’s standards and values. The guiding principle is the employee’s expectations, not the organisation’s functional requirements.

Working with employee experience design is deemed a new HR skill, and one required for taking employee experience to a higher level. The popularity of this approach is rapidly growing. Employee experience design and design thinking for HR are good fits for the agile way of working that many organisations already espouse. And this has major benefits, according to research conducted by McKinsey (2019): companies that reserve a primary role for design thinking within their organisations are nearly twice as successful financially as their competitors.

Parts of the employee journey we innovate can be recruitment, onboarding, performance management, learning & development, maternity leave, off boarding and diversity en inclusion.

The sessions will cover:

  • The principles of employee experience architecture
  • The experiences that make employees happy
  • Effects of techniques like nudging, framing, delighters and playful work design
  • The pillars of your organisation’s employee experience ambition
  • Working with personas: the benefits for HR
  • Elements of the employee journey
  • Fact-based and data-driven work: the corresponding data and research you can use
  • Implementing tech solutions for HR
  • Using the design thinking method to map and analyse (part of) the employee journey
  • Working in small groups in order to convert bottlenecks into ideas for improvement and collectively creating a new design

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