About HXWork


Heleen Mes is the founder of HXWork (2016), and the LinkedIn group Employee Experience Nederland/Belgium. She is a thought leader in employee experience, employee experience design, happiness at work and innovative HR. Her mission is to make every employer a top employer, and she aims to inspire her HR colleagues to share this mission.

Previously, as HR director, she helped two of her companies reach top 10 positions as ‘Best Employer NL’, and receive ‘Top Employer’ certification.  She was also a finalist for the ‘HR Proffie’ award. In addition to her work for HXWork, Heleen is also an executive and HR coach, as well as a member of the Supervisory Board for (potential) top employers.

Heleen is co-author of Employee Experience – Happy people, better business (2018), which was nominated for the ‘2019 Management Book of the Year’ award, and of Werken aan Werkgeluk (Working on Happiness at Work). She writes for (HR) sites such as PWnet, XpertHR and  Smart Workplace, while also contributing to various books, including the Handboek Werkgeluk (Guide to Happiness at Work) and Het Nieuwe Beoordelen (The New Appraisal system).


Our aim is to help as many organisations as possible become and remain top employers, offering great employee experiences.  HXWork is consequently delighted to work with the following expert partners.

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