Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.”- Richard Branson

Human Experience of Work


HXWork stands for the ‘Human Experience of Work’, and also ‘Happy Times (at) Work’. HXWork inspires and advises organisations on top employership, helping them create great and unique employee experiences.

HXWork gives inspirational masterclasses and workshops through our Employee Experience Academy. We conduct research, provide consultancy services and manage projects. During the implementation stage, we use an innovative method called ‘employee experience design’. By sharing knowledge and experience in our Employee Experience Network, we connect employee experience professionals in organisations and independent professionals.


In our Employee Experience Network, EX professionals in the Netherlands and Belgium share knowledge and experiences.

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Is your organisation keen to get started on employee experience and work happiness and would like some advice?

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Do you need an interim employee experience (HR) manager/expert?

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Before getting started, would you like to know how the employee experience in your organisation is perceived.

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Employee first

Really putting employees first and offering them a ‘Best Workplace’: this is how you, as an employer, become and remain a top employer and successful in business. The key question for employees is: ‘To give the best of yourself to this organisation, what do you need?’

Employees who feel happy, engaged and passionate are more committed to their work, their clients and colleagues. Their productivity and creativity are higher and absenteeism rates due to illness lower, and they are less likely to leave the organisation. Numerous studies have revealed a link between happy employees and successful organisations. To increase employee happiness at work, the focus should not be on results, but rather on how you arrived at them, through improving the employee experience.

Employee experience is how a (potential) employee experiences all their interactions with the organisation and the extent to which this meets their expectations. According to international HR trend watchers, employee experience is the ‘next step’ for HR and new number 1 trend.

A great employee experience is not a fluke, nor does occur automatically – you must design it. Employee experience design is a new HR skill for taking the employee experience to a higher level. Employee experience design is the art of designing a great employee experience. To achieve this, employee experience design draws on proven techniques from the worlds of marketing, product & user design and psychology.

The ‘Employee Experience’ book

What are the secrets of top employers? What can organisations do to increase their employees’ happiness at work?

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Average employee satisfaction NL

eNPS +12

"I would recommend my organisation as an employer"-NL


“My organisation ensures that I can get the best out of myself”-NL

*Integron Research 2021