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12 Apr 2022
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The best metrics for employee experience

Working on employee experience means your (HR) organisation must be data-driven. So…no choices based on gut feelings, personal expertise or...

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06 Mar 2022
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What HR can contribute to the digital employee experience

The technology and tools an organization works with are pillars of the employee experience. Digitization therefore plays a major role...

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17 Feb 2022
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Quality of employership on 4 levels: where does your organisation stand?

We can roughly divide the quality of employership into four levels: from the lowest level, where the employer regards its...

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09 Feb 2022
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The ultimate employee experience is human experience

The term employee experience was first introduced about five years ago and has quickly became synonymous with next level HR:...

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30 Nov 2021
flamigo klein
Your organisational culture is already on the street. 5 tips for making a better impression.

Your organisation’s culture is increasingly visible to the outside world, without people even having to step inside. It’s not only...

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04 Oct 2021
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’The best employee experience does not always rate a 10/10 for happiness at work’

Does your organization want to increase employee happiness at work? If yes, do not focus on outcomes but rather the...

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08 Aug 2021
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Hybrid working? Strengthen the organisational culture!

Organisational culture is demonstrated by how your employees interact, but what if hybrid working has severely limited such interactions? Watering...

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01 Jun 2021
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5 tips for more diversity, inclusion and true equality

Feeling a sense of belonging in the workplace is crucial for good employee experiences. Moreover, ignoring disadvantaged and unfairly treated...

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16 Mar 2021
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Increase engagement? Do a ‘check-in’ interview.

Check-in interviews, which are conversations between a manager and an employee or between team members, invite deeper personal interaction, allowing...

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08 Mar 2021
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7 steps to your HR strategy

A good HR strategy helps an organisation achieve its purpose or mission, vision and strategic objectives. The organization’s HR strategy...

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25 Feb 2021
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The Employee Experience hacked!

How can you make your organisation and HR policy employee-centric? As part of the HR Business Network’s 25th anniversary celebrations,...

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02 Feb 2021
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Online onboarding: Attention is everything!

In this age of corona, many organisations face this question: how can we arrange a good online onboarding? For those...

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27 Jan 2021
Social distancing at work. Two young diverse business colleagues wearing face protective masks bumping elbows, greeting each other while working during covid 19 quarantine. Preventing coronavirus
Employee Experience: the emotional connection with employees is essential

Emotions – the employees’ feelings when interacting with the organisation – largely define the employee experience. Feelings? In organisations, we...

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19 Nov 2020
Caucasian woman talking to group of people during sharing session
7 trends for HR in 2021

Looking back on HR research topics that clearly predate the coronavirus crisis, I feel slightly melancholic. We may well be...

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17 Nov 2020
7 lessons in employee experience design from leading practitioners

A great employee experience is not a fluke nor does it happen naturally – you must design it. What can...

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27 Oct 2020
first 5 days
Happiness at work on the agenda for five years now: What have we achieved?

Happiness at work first became a trend back in 2015. Since then we have gained a ‘Happiness at Work Week’...

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16 Sep 2020
Smiling group of designers reading sticky notes on a glass wall during a brainstorming session together in a modern office
Employee Experience and HRM: 8 differences

Employee experience is not just a trendier word for Human Resource Management. It is not simply a slick repackaging. Employee...

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31 Jul 2020
Preventing HR-mistakes with employee experience design

A great employee experience is not a fluke, nor does it happen automatically – you must design it! Employee experience...

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11 May 2020
welcome back
Reboarding? 7 tips to make employees feel welcome in the workplace

Prior to the lockdown, reboarding meant including employees in strategic changes. Reboarding after the lockdown primarily means including employees in...

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27 Apr 2020
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5 reasons why working with personas HR helps in the employee journey

If HR wants to improve employee experience, an important step is to work with personas that represent the own employees....

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10 Feb 2020
Playful Work Design: play with your work

We often organise fun activities at work, outside of our actual work or working hours: we’ll play ping pong during...

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22 May 2019
Business people arranging sticky notes commenting and brainstorming on work priorities colleague in a modern co-working space
Employee Experience: 10 future trends in the workplace

Employee experience is an employee’s experience and emotions when interacting with the organisation, and the extent to which they meet...

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11 Nov 2018
Employee Experience: Experiencing WOW at work

What if I were to ask you what you remember from the past year. You might remember an awesome birthday...

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14 Sep 2018
Employee Experience: step into your employee’s shoes!

Implementing the employee experience is possible only when the organisation is ready for it. When employees really come first. When they...

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